6 Crossdressing Mistakes to Avoid If You Want To Look Passable !

Many crossdressers want to look passable, be able to go out, blend in, and have a great time! If you really want to accomplish a more passable figure and looks for yourself, make sure to avoid most common crossdressing mistakes. Remember, it takes time to get good at crossdressing like any other thing. Just make sure you dedicate more time and effort to crossdress better and you will surely be able to improve your overall appearance & feminine personality. So, lets start with 5 crossdressing mistakes that you should avoid as a crossdresser.

No.1. Not Shaving Properly.
Having facial & body hair can really affect your appearance as a crossdresser. Not shaving up properly before dressing up might make you look less feminine. Women are known to stay well shaved and groomed so at least shave up your facial hair and any skin area that is going to be exposed. If you are planning to wear a short dress, better to have a nicely legs.

No. 2. Wearing a Cheap Wig or No Wig at all.
Hair is considered to be a really important aspect of having a feminine image. Women have longer hair than men so if you are dressing up, make sure you are wearing a nice hair wig or grow your hair properly. When buying hair wigs, don’t buy colorful or low quality hair wigs if you want to look passable. Buy lace hair wigs or human hair wigs that look very natural and real.

No.3. Getting Bigger Boobs & Bras.
It is no surprise that a lot of crossdressers want to have big boobs to elevate their figure. But having bigger boobs can also create a lot of problems to be more passable. If your body shape doesnot look normal , it will arise a lot of questions & attentions. So, make sure you get bras and breast forms that actually suits your body type and shape and create a more natural feminine figure.

No.4. Putting on Too Much Makeup
Many crossdressers usually make this mistake. Having too much foundation or mascara or lip gloss will make you look untidy, cheap & drag.
If you want to look passable and beautiful as many gorgeous women out there, you will need to learn how to apply makeup properly. Put effort into learning and getting the right makeup products for yourself. Practice putting on makeup and experiment with different looks in yourself. You can really improve your looks & style with makeup.

No.5. Wearing Outfits that are too tight or Short :
Excessively tight or short clothing is not only very uncomfortable to wear but also makes your body look awkward & less feminine. Don’t buy or wear clothes that are either too short or too big for your body size. Having the right size dresses, skirts or any other outfit can really improve your overall looks.

No.6. Walking like a dude !
Even if you look beautiful and chic, but if your walk is like a dude then you will easily be caught out. Also, wearing very high heels without first practicing to walk in them will only get your embarrassed. So, make sure you have the right shoes on and practice your feminine walk wearing women shoes.

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