6 Tips For Secret Crossdresser : Guide to Crossdressing Better & Smarter

If you are a secret crossdresser or someone just starting out crossdressing. Here are 5 tips to help you to become better at crossdressing.

1) To Avoid Discovery – Never Borrow or Steal Other’s Clothes.
Many crossdresser tend to borrow or steal their moms and sister’s clothes. There is plenty of chances that you might get caught doing this. So, save up some money & buy some nice feminine clothes for yourself. Go for quality rather than quantity. Pick up dresses that fit your size or it will only go to waste.

2) Cross-dress at a Proper Time.
Always make sure that you have sufficient amount of time while crossdressing. This way you will have a quality & happy time. Don’t rush while you are crossdressing and risk getting caught.

3) Connect With Other Crossdressers.
Nowadays, there are a lot of groups & pages in social medias as well as many websites related to crossdressers. Open a new profile under your feminine version and connect with other crossdressers to learn & share information & stories.

4) 7 Most Essential things for Crossdressing.

– Outfit/Dress
– Inner Wears (Bra/Panties/Lingerie)
– Hair Wig
– Body Shaping Wears (Hip Pad/Butt Pad/Breast Forms)
– Makeup
– Shoes
– Accessories

5) Hide Your Feminine Stuffs Properly.
If you don’t want to get caught, make sure that you hide your feminine stuffs properly and always. Many crossdresser don’t get caught in the act but rather get caught with things not properly kept most of the times. So, keep your stuffs organized and in a safe place. Its a good idea to keep all Keep your stuffs in one place, like in a bag or a container and keep it secured. It’s best to have something with a lock or get your own lock.

6) Don’t get too scared while shopping.
Many crossdressers have hard time shopping for feminine stuffs. Buying panties, pantyhose or anything feminine might be awkward if you are a guy. But this can be helped. Remember, many guys around the world buy feminine things for their girlfriends, sisters or moms also.

First – Plan what things you would like to get.
Second – Be calm and normal.
Third – Approach sales persons in the store. Start the conversation by saying you are looking for particular stuffs for your sister or girlfriend.It usually saves time and embarrassment and you can get the job done easily.

If you are still get nervous, try online shopping. It is really easy. Just make sure you get the right sizes.

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