Fun Things To Do While Cross-dressed !

Are you in need of some ideas of things to do while crossdressed? You just got dressed up and cannot think of a single thing to do? Here are few things that is quite fun to do while crossdressed. To experience crossdressing to the fullest, we recommend crossdressers dress up completely from head to toe. Crossdressers who are just beginning their journey, might not have all the resources to have a complete transformation. So having hair wigs, makeup, good outfits, undergarments, accessories, shoes and body shaping garments should be kept as a priority.

Here are 10 Fun things that you can do while Cross-dressed !

Step in-front of a large mirror and Pose!
Pose or practice walking, sitting and any other things you like doing, in front of the mirror. This can give you a more and sensual experience of seeing yourself as a girl or a woman.

Learn some dance steps of your favorite female artists/stars.
You can find a lot of tutorials on dancing for girls/women in YouTube.

Taking Pictures or Videos
Get a good camera. Smartphone these days,pretty much does the good job. Next, get a tripod or stand to adjust your phone or camera properly. Make sure you have good lighting while taking shots. If your room or surrounding is dark, you wont get good photos or videos at all.

Walking inside your house/apartment.
Get a pair of good heels and just walk around in your house. Go to your living room, sit down for a bit then go to the kitchen and have some water or food. The things to do are just limitless. If you are more brave and confident, Have all the curtains opened inside your house.

Going out to an open area in your house like your balcony or backyard.
It is quite fun and thrilling to be exposed as the opposite gender openly. There is a chance that your neighbors might see you or some passers by might catch a glance of you. So, this step is quite exciting and adventurous.

Doing house chores!
You can cook some food, clean the rooms or do the dishes. Get some work done while having fun.

Going out in public is an exciting experience for all crossdressers. Go out on a drive around your neighborhood. It is super fun!

Going out for a walk or Shopping!
Only do this step if you are confident about your looks and can walk like a girl/woman properly. If you don’t like getting fully exposed, go during the evening or at night time. Go for a walk around your neighborhood or to the mall. If you live in a bigger city, take a book or magazine and head to a park or wayside. Of course dressed and looking like an office girl. It’s fun. You can stop at one bench, read a little and walk to another or along a lake or river.

Hang out with friends!
If you have friends who are themselves crossdressers or who are okay with you crossdressing, spending time together can be a lot of fun. Go out for a movie, for dinner or shopping together. It can be quite delightful and fun.

Order some food and receive the delivery dressed up.
Many crossdressers are quite fascinated to see how other people reacts to their look and appearance. So, order some food or do some shopping online and receive the deliver while being dressed up.

Going to a beauty parlor or getting a professional photo shoot.
When you go to a professional, you can always enjoy the best results. Having a makeover from professional makeup artist can really make you look incredible. If possible, do a photo shoot afterwards to capture those fun moments. Arrange to have a professional photographer to take elegant pictures of you en femme that you will keep for a lifetime.

Make a new feminine profile of yourself in social networks.
Take pictures of you in your outfit and post on the social networks for your crossdressing friends to see! Make a video of yourself modeling your outfit of the day/night or talking about something interesting!

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