How to Feminize Your Body (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

For individuals born male, getting shapes and curves as a woman can be challenging and a difficult procedure. Being a beautiful crossdresser requires you to build femininity in yourself, both your body and mind. The size and shape of your body broadcasts your gender to the world. You need to wear the right undergarments to create your best feminine shape and female mannerisms.

Steps to get your body feminized

Follow the steps below carefully to achieve a feminine figure. Go through each and every step carefully to obtain the best results.

1. Take shower often.

Wash your body and moisturize it on a regular basis. A crossdresser must have a very soft and smooth skin and always be clean.

2. Shave your body

Shave every body hair you have. Crossdresser aren’t allowed to have anybody hairs. If you haven’t shaved your body in a while, be prepared to go through multiple razor blades. Shave all the hairs in your face, your legs, your feet, your chest, your arms, everything.

While it’s true that women do have body hair, men have a lot more of it. Women can get away with having unsightly hair, but men do not have this luxury and will get found out quickly. So it’s best to get all the hair off. Moisturizing body soap is a good idea, and of course moisturizing lotion after you’ve toweled off.

A close shave is a must: use a sharp blade and take your time. Be gentle; you don’t want to irritate your skin. Close your pores with a gentle skin toner, and of course, moisturize. Try using a dab of non-greasy sun block. It’ll protect your skin from wrinkles caused by UV-damage. If you really want to keep stubble away, try waxing, electrolysis, or laser hair removal.

3. Get the curves

Our first impression of somebody’s gender is based largely on their shape, to the point where it’s almost instinctive. You want to look the part, but naturally, guys just don’t have the curves that women have. It’s nature, but there are ways to obtain feminine curves for men using different methods and tools. Say hello to the girls. Nothing says “female” more than having lady lumps. Entire industries, from garments to cosmetic surgery to publishing empires, have been built on the foundation of our fascination for breasts. For convincing cross dressing, this will help bring you where you want to be, both physically and emotionally.

Here are few tips to get the perfect curves:

• Wear breast forms or get good padding. To obtain a fine feminine figure, you need to have lady lumps. Get breast forms or stuff your bra with padding or fillings. It is very important that you feel the sensation of having breasts and wearing bras, try to get the closest breast figure you can get by getting breast forms or padding as well as a well fitting bra. There are a lot of breast forms available in the market and the best ones do feel like the real thing. Having your own tender, soft, firm breast will make you feel really girly.

• Tuck and tape the boys with a pair of pantyhose/tight panties/slacks and some tape. Make sure you have curves in all the right places and pay attention to where you “shouldn’t” have bulges. Padded bras, breast forms, hip pads and tight panties (or bikini bottoms) are a good place to start. Corsets, gaffs, breast forms, and other specialized body-shapers are also available, but for the truly committed, hormones and surgery are the best solutions.

• Women have more weight in their hips and back section, so they look more curvy. To get a full feminine figure, you can do exercise focusing on your hip and back section as well. To achieve a more feminine look, you can use waist-cinching undergarments or corsets to achieve a more hourglass figure. You can also add padded panties, or silicon butt pads as well as hip pads. Wear a “Corset”, to give you feminine curves. Make sure you breasts and butt is proportionate.

4. Improve your posture

Realize and learn all the feminine gestures–even slight ones–are very important. Watch a woman speaking naturally, her postures while doing different things and note her gestures and facial expressions. Smile. Walk with your legs, not with your shoulders. Suck in your gut. Stand up straight. Be femme.

5. Dress the part.

Wear the most feminine outfits that best suits your frame. Plunging necklines draw attention from broad shoulders. Empire waists de-emphasize narrow hips, beer bellies, and flat asses. Your legs are your best feature, so feature them. Knowing your body, and working with it, is essential to passing the crossdresser test.
Get the right fit by trying on your clothes that match your figure. You don’t want to buy a dress only to find out it doesn’t fit with your new cleavage.

Take your measurements to determine your needs:
• Your chest is measured with the tape snug under your arms and above the cups of your bra.
• Measure your bust across the fullest part of your bra cups. Don’t pull the tape too tight—you don’t want to squish things down unnaturally here.
• Measure your waist at the narrowest part, between the top of the hipbone and the bottom of your rib cage.
• Your hips are measured at the largest part of your butt and hips.
• A rule of thumb when buying a dress is to use the largest of the measurements for your dress size.

6. Fragnance

Smell is an important detail if you want to be a girl because scent is strongly linked to emotions. You aren’t fully dressed without perfume, so choose a scent that makes you feel fabulously feminine and crossdresser.

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