How to Feminize Your Voice (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

Having a feminine voice makes up for a lot in transforming into a girl. If you don’t have a feminine voice, you will be missing out a lot in your overall crossdresser persona. Voice carries a large part in people perceiving you. If you are well dressed  but you don’t have a sweet, girly voice then people won’t take you seriously.

Here are some of the differences between guy-speak and girl-speak:
• Men tend to be more direct and task-oriented in their communication. They use their words for the purpose of achieving results.
• Women tend to be more “circular” and detail-oriented in their communication. They use their words for the purpose of forming relationships.
• Women speak an average of 20,000 words per day vs. men who speak an average of 7,000 words per day.

Few Easy Exercises to feminize your voice:

• Try to mimic different feminine personality; it can help you get quicker results in feminizing your voice.
• Try to make sexual moans like a woman, paying attention to what your muscles are doing and then try to speak with your muscles doing the same thing. Repeat this for a few times, after a few try you will certainly realize that you are somewhat able to produce feminine tones. Getting your voice properly feminized might take a while depending upon your practice mostly.

• Speak like you were talking in an excited voice to a pet or a baby or child, and while you do that pay attention to your vocal muscles.

Resonance: That’s basically where your voice is coming from and what parts of your body are vibrating in order to create your voice. In the clip I posted I did my male pitch with a more feminine resonance and that by itself made it sound like I was just a woman with a somewhat deep voice.

Usually we refer to speaking with a feminine resonance as speaking in your head voice, which basically just means the vibrations are moved up into your upper throat and mouth. To get there, you have to learn how to move your larynx, also known as your voice box. There are muscles in your throat that move around as you change the quality of your voice, and basically what you’re aiming for is to lock it in place so that the male qualities no longer show up. So to do that, go look in front of a mirror and just start playing with your throat muscles. Try to make your Adam’s apple (if it’s visible) move up as high as you can make it go. If you can’t see it, you can just put your hand on your throat and feel the muscles moving around.
Once you’ve got that, you just need to practice that “locking” that I talked about, making it so you can speak with your larynx up without it slipping. If it slips you’ll notice the male qualities coming back.

Pitch: Easiest thing in the world to change, you just make your voice sound higher than it would normally. The trick is to make sure you don’t sound too high or too low. Just how high you want to go depends on your personality and what you look like, for example I’m pretty tall so I don’t want a super high pitched voice.
A lot of people will talk about falsetto, which is basically a vocal range that males can reach that’s very high in pitch and sounds very strange.

While you’re messing with your pitch you may slip into it, and the easiest way to tell if you’re in it is if it feels like you’re struggling to even complete a single sentence at that pitch. It’s very easy to accidentally start there. If you start out from your natural pitch and slowly bring it up, you should be able to find exactly where your highest “natural” voice pitch ends and where your falsetto begins, as your voice will cut out for a quick second and then drastically change quality.

The pitch you want will be a little bit lower than that highest natural point, that way you can have variation in pitch and also not completely strain your vocal muscles.
So in summary, what you want is to find your head voice, raise the pitch, and from there begin learning how to speak in a more feminine manner. The last part is optional but if you want to be able to pass over the phone and never have someone question you, I’d suggest you do it.

Changing your speech pattern is kind of like learning a new language, some people mimic women with a speech pattern they want to have, some people try to do it on their own, and some people just learn it over time as they socialize with other women.

Additional ways to feminize your communication:

1. Talk more

Studies show that women speak three times as much a men, so the first step towards feminine communication is to open your mouth – and keep it open!
If you’re one of those people who answer questions with one word, this might take some work. Practice expanding your answers and embellishing your stories with more details. What happened before, during, and after the event? Who else was involved? How did you feel about it? (Yes, bring out your crossdresser feelings)

2. Feminize your vocabulary

If you’re going to talk more, you want to use the RIGHT words to express yourself. Men and women have different vocabularies, so it’s important to incorporate feminine words into your speech. For example:
• Women tend to use more descriptive adjectives. A woman wouldn’t tell you about the “pink dress” she just bought. She’d tell you about the “sleeveless fuchsia Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress” she just maxed out her credit card on.

• Men and women use different words for the same thing. For example, a guy might call the lower abdomen the “gut” or “belly”, whereas a woman would be more likely to call it the “tummy” or “abdomen”.
To expand your feminine vocabulary, listen to women in real life, on TV, and in movies and read women’s magazines. Look for words you don’t use and incorporate a few new words into your vocabulary each week.

3. Ask more questions

Finally, since women use their words to form relationships, they tend to ask more questions. Men tend to tell, rather than ask. If a man asks a question, it’s to get down to the point. Practice asking more questions the next time you have a conversation with somebody. Ask for more details or ask somebody how they felt about a particular situation. This will make you sound more you more feminine.

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