What would you look like as the opposite gender?? Crazy Morphing App!!

Have you ever wanted to know how you would look like as a glamourous girl?.

It’s no secret. Every guy has at some point in his life, wondered what they would look like if they were a member of the opposite gender. The biggest question of all, the real mind-bender, is if you would find yourself attractive as a woman.

Well, here’s your chance to check yourself out, so go for it. Facial morphing app FaceApp is making the rounds again, this time through various quiz and entertainment websites like Kueez and Viralemon. The quizs transforms the users photo into their opposite gender. Now you can see what you would look like if you where a girl, or a different girl. Using FaceApp amazing technology,see how would you look like if you were born the opposite gender!

FaceApp Download link:

Kueez What Would You Look Like As A Woman Quiz
Check it out here>> https://en.kueez.com/what-would-you-look-like-as-a-woman

People are still using FaceApp to see what they’d look like as a person of the opposite gender
The face-morphing app is making the rounds of social media — again.

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