Transgender Flight Attendants

Four transsexual flight attendants were chosen by Thai airline PC Air after hundreds applied for the positions. While the qualifications for the transsexual flight attendants remained the same as those for female stewardesses during the interview process, it was stipulated that any ladyboy employees would have to behave like woman in their walking and talking, maintaining a “feminine” voice. Officials from PC Air said it had to be spend all day interview transsexual applications to make sure they had ‘feminine character’.

“Ladyboys” are widely accepted in socially conservative though tolerant Thailand, often working in the cosmetics shops and health stores. Some only chose to dress and make-up as women rather than having a sex change operation that can be fraught with complications. PC Air’s chairman, Peter Chan, said he wanted to expand the opportunities open to “ladyboys”, but also believed they would be a boon to his airline because of they are service-minded.

Transgender Flight Attendants

The “ladyboy” flight attendants were picked on the basis that they moved like women and spoke with feminine voices. They have undergone training in airline security and safety, make-up and flight service.

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